Last Sunday night was so exciting – 23 of our 25 listed postcards sold and raised £197.14. We couldn’t believe it! Some of the Auction 13 team headed to the pub to celebrate and watch the bids roll in…

… and place some ourselves! Some of the bids were quite heated – you could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

So who bought the postcards? Well, 21 of the 23 that sold were purchased by students at Lincoln!

The battle of the grids: Tom won Erik Spiekermann’s postcard and Jack won Craig Oldham’s.

Sam likes to be beside the seaside with Filthy Media’s postcard.

Sunjay (and Sam) pose with Rian Hughes’ resurrection monster.

Amber is happy with her beautifully detailed portrait by Charlotte O’Reilly from Jelly London….

…. whilst Kelly is also pleased with her Jelly London postcard by Polly Williams and Jo Bird.

Becca is excited to get her hands on 2 postcards; Dom Wilson from Brand Opus’ crazy collage and James Gulliver Hancock’s desk drawing.

James is pretty chuffed with Yulia Brodskaya’s postcard…

… as is Jake with Jason Grube’s amazing robot ticket postcard.

Sara is all smiles about her win on Brand Opus’ risotto romance quote postcard….

… whilst Sammy was happy with her winning bid on Red Grey Design’s postcard.

The highest bid of the auction was placed by Tasha who won Alan Kitching’s letter pressed Greenwich Village NYC typographic map.

And the nicest bid story comes from John Stocker’s postcard. Emma bid on John’s postcard as he was her dissertation tutor, but she was outbid by her Dad who secretly won it for her – aww!

We then had 8 more postcards in a second batch which are making their way to the winners. Get in touch with photos please!

Overall the total raised from Auction 13 was  an amazing £308.63. We’re so pleased with that and would like to again thank everyone involved – GF Smith, all of our 28 contributors and all of the bidders.

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