It’s day two of our postcard reveals and we have four more lined up. It’s been lovely and sunny here in Lincoln so revealing this postcard was quite fitting…

… we wish we’d been in Brighton with Filthy Media, the creatives behind postcard #11. Kyle Wilkinson guessed this postcard on twitter too – he’s very good at this!

Take a look at their website for more great work.

Postcard #14 has come all the way from Germany…

… thanks to Deutsche and Japaner. They’ve written us a message in Japanese but we can’t translate it so if you know Japanese, there’s a treat for you with this postcard! To see more work like below, take a look at their website.

Next door to #14 is a gridded postcard…

… #15 is by Craig Oldham from Music (who have a pretty cool website at the moment). Check out the Olympic BMX posters and more here.

Last but not least is postcard #23 which is probably the most bizarre and funny of all our postcards…

… a male camel toe complete with bulge and everything by Bureau Bruneau from Norway. It’s pretty unique and see more great work on their website.

Did you guess any of these? Get involved with the guessing game on twitter over the weekend and we will reveal 4 more on Monday. Enjoy the weekend!

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