So it’s finally here – the first glimpse of the postcards!

We’ve received 19 postcards so far (with hopefully still a few to come) and we’re excited to share them. Today the Auction13 team have been working on the window display at our University building, Thomas Parker House in Lincoln.


We’ve got all of our postcards displayed on a bookcase with numbered tags underneath. Get involved and play the guessing game with us on twitter – who do you think produced number 4, 10 or 19?

The boys worked hard on our information blackboard:

We’ve got a final date for the auction now. Bidding opens 6th May and will end beginning 6PM Sunday 12th May – so you’ll have 6 days to place your bids!

What do you think to our window? We’ve had some great comments already but we’d love to hear from you! If you’re around Lincoln, pop down to Thomas Parker House on Silver Street and take a look at the postcards in detail. But if you’re elsewhere in the world don’t worry, we’ll have close up images of all of our lovely postcards very soon.

And if you want to see more, check out our video of the whole process:

We are so grateful to all the creatives involved and will be revealing their names soon. Keep an eye on twitter as we’ll start to turn over the tags to reveal the creative behind the postcard, but in the meantime get involved in the guessing game on twitter!

Also thanks again to GF Smith for sponsoring our postcard stock. And if you haven’t returned your postcard, there’s still time to get involved!

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